The First Salaam-Shalom Self-Reflective Birthday Party


Our initiative is one year old. It was founded by 4 friends of Arabic and Jewish origin in Neukölln – today it has almost a hundred members, from all parts of Berlin, from various cultural backgrounds. In this one year we had dozens of events, actions and campaigns in cooperation with community centers, mosques, synagogues and other places. And we gained an attention of the public that we never expected: an invitation to the City Council and the Bundestag, a visit by the President of Germany, a visit of the First Lady. From the local daily Berliner newspapers to international television stations almost everyone reported on us.

But why?

Why does the German public care so much about a bunch of young people in Neukölln? Just because they are of different cultural and social backgrounds?
Or is there something more behind this, which is connected to German history? Responsibility? German-Jewish stories?
We are critical about many things – including our own success.

We invite you to join us for the celebration and for an open round of self-reflective discussion. In the end we will have cakes!

Venue: Lichtburgforum (Behmstrasse 13, 13357 Berlin, at U8, SBhf. Gesundbrunnen)
Time: 19:00, 7th December
(Although our events all take place in German, this one will be in English, so we can include in the discussion also those members of ours who are not able to speak German yet.)

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